Truck Buying Considerations


When you decide it’s time for a truck or pick-up truck you might think all trucks are built the same – cab, bed, and tailgate. When faced with a decision between so many trucks, how do you decide which one will best serve your needs? It depends on what you’ll use your truck for – towing a boat or hauling construction equipment, as a day to day vehicle for your family or for a camping adventure. Here are some things to know about what various trucks have to offer. Horsepower & Torque Not all truck engines are created equal, and how much [...]

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5 Bad Habits That Drive Your Customers Crazy


If you take a moment just to enter in a Google search, you’ll see thatthere are many, many articles on the web dedicated to this one subject. Salespeople are everywhere from car dealerships to the server at your local restaurant. We’ll be going over the top 5 bad habits that drive your customers crazy and even out the door. Being a know-it-all. Whether you only think you know everything about the cars you sell or you truly know just about everything there is to know about the inventory, acting like a know-it-all is guaranteed to turn customers off. If you’re [...]

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5 Award-Winning Dealership Websites


Dealership Websites that Deliver an Exceptional User Experience In this post, we will be looking at car dealerships who are award-winners in the industry. The following five web pages have earned an award for their site design, responsiveness, and usability. When reading the list we’ve compiled below, consider a few things about your page and whether or not you could make a few changes in the New Year. The Alpine Vision—Halvas Paris won the 2016 Automobile Standard of Excellence Award. This website is clean, concise, and looks good while doing it! 2017 Ram Power Wagon Reveal—SapientNitro & Fiat Chrysler Automobiles [...]

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Why the Future of Car Dealerships Depend on Women


For a long time, the automotive industry has been owned by men, ran by men, and designed for men. Those times are changing and with more women buying or influencing car purchases, the way we market and sell a car needs to change too. In this blog, we will talk about the ever-changing auto industry and how it has begun to make a dramatic shift towards women being the majority of buyers. Connecting Women to the Industry There was a time, not very long ago when men completely dominated the auto industry. Men held the majority of driver’s licenses’ in [...]

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The True Cost of Bad Car Descriptions


Imagine that you’re in the shoes of your customer. It’s finally time to buy a new car; you’ve been scouring the internet for reviews of something you can call yours. Next, you have to look into the local dealerships and take the final steps to purchasing a new vehicle. The customer who is looking at your online inventory already has an idea of the type of car that they truly desire. They might be persuaded between one model and another, but they aren’t going to switch from a compact car to a pickup truck just because of a few features. [...]

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