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The True Cost of Bad Car Descriptions


Imagine that you’re in the shoes of your customer. It’s finally time to buy a new car; you’ve been scouring the internet for reviews of something you can call yours. Next, you have to look into the local dealerships and take the final steps to purchasing a new vehicle. The customer who is looking at your online inventory already has an idea of the type of car that they truly desire. They might be persuaded between one model and another, but they aren’t going to switch from a compact car to a pickup truck just because of a few features. [...]

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Supported Makes


Dealer Assist Now has you covered with an ever growing selection of makes for new vehicle comments in addition to a full line of used vehicle comments to support your online vehicle merchandising in both our self-service and full-service packages. Interested in comments for a brand not listed today? Let us know and we'll check with our team of automotive writers to see how close it is to launching. They are working hard to expand our selection of custom new vehicle comments to cover every make.

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