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Answers to Common Dealership Questions

Getting to Know daN

This section was designed to answer some of the questions most often asked about Dealer Assist Now (daN) and our services. The questions under the headings are just a representative sample of what we routinely answer.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

You can also call us at 402.679.7223 for questions about Dealer Assist Now.

Who is daN?2014-06-09T12:11:45+00:00

In 2007, the popular daN acronym sprouted from dealer assist Now as a place for dealers like you to share handwritten comments that help sell cars vs. the boring non-functional VIN dumps. Our first year we added 4,000 dealers and 11,000 shared comments “Written By Car People For Car People.” The positive feedback from dealers has one thing in common – the request for Full-Service daN. We agreed and have the world’s largest comment library to share!

Today, we help dealers in 50 states and process thousands of comments daily for our full-service clients.

Our staff is divided up into several departments based upon dealer needs. We have professionals that are proficient with the back-end tools (DMS) from Home Net, VIN Solutions, Cobalt, Auto Trader,, and more. For new vehicle comments, our brand managers become one with the makes that they are responsible for. They attend car shows, ride-and-drives, and visit dealerships to keep current with the brand. The same holds true for writers responsible for powersports, RVs, boats and watercraft, heavy equipment, and aircraft comments.

Why do I need custom comments instead of stock descriptions?2014-06-09T12:10:48+00:00

What does a VIN dump do? Imagine the nutrition label on a burger vs. the juicy description on the restaurant menu.

Which one sounds better? daN provides the “Sounds Better” for dealers across America.

Which one performs better for sales? We’re here to help you convert visitors into owners.

How long does it take to get my comments uploaded with daN?2014-06-09T12:09:25+00:00

Same day service is our goal. If system outages occur with any of the marketing partners you advertise with, it may take longer. We can’t control Autotrader,, or any other third-party vendors or your website, but we will do our best to make sure your comments are uploaded as soon as possible.

Who writes my comments? How often?2014-06-09T12:08:34+00:00

Only daN’s professional writers will have access your system to maintain your comments/descriptions. All information given to daN is confidential and not shared with anyone outside the company. Comments are written the same day pictures are uploaded – this is based on feed processing time from your vendor. In some cases, it may be the next day. We never write comments for used inventory from stock photos.

Why sign up with Dealer Assist Now?2014-06-09T12:07:20+00:00

Here’s a scenario – if you are a franchised store and all your staff is franchise trained and your store trades for a different brand, creating an excellent description will be challenging for your team. You’ve taught how to sell against the other brands, so how can you make it sound great? Then there are the language issues. Is it a rotary or a hemi? What’s a vortec and who is Allison? King cab – says who? Symmetrical all-wheel drive or EcoTec? Maybe Bluetec – is that diesel or a smart phone thing? Rotate the air or muffler bearings? If you laughed, smiled, or feel the pain – it’s time to put daN on your team.

Add huge time savings to the deal – most dealers say they spend 3-5 hours per week managing online advertising – daN gives you back your time so you can sell!